Sunday, August 25, 2019

Personal Statement Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 1

Personal Statement Example I was a volunteer for the Memorial Sloan Kettering hospital, where my mother was getting treatment for cancer. Observing the hospital scenarios and the activities of doctors and health care professionals ignited a passion in me to be a doctor. Also, my mother had a dream of me going to a renowned university to continue studies. And, as she wished, I received a partial scholarship in the University of Maryland, where I was also given a chance to run the track and field for Maryland. I felt this was a golden moment in my life and left my mother with grandparents for further treatment. However, I used to commute back and forth from Maryland to New York to check the condition of my mother’s health. She passed away in 2009. When I was studying in the University of Maryland, I was engaging myself in community work. My admiration for community work developed due to the medical condition of my parents. Every time I visited a hospital, I could find people in distress and discomfort due to illnesses and diseases. At that moment, I had a strong urge to take a position of doctor to help the poor and the diseased. Studying at the University of Maryland, I was involved in 40 community service that was mandatory as a part of the CIVICUS program; in addition, I have joined a fraternity of brothers to give me support in my community service work. Apart from this, basketball and baseball were my passion, and I practiced them at inner city communities of Prince George’s county of Maryland and nearby Washington, DC. My participation in mentoring to manhood program allowed two boys struggling to pass from middle school to high school to achieve their goal. Even my connection with hospital was strong, as I raised funds for the underprivileged people at a suburban hospital. I was lucky enough to get an opportunity to shadow some doctors who were practicing at Emergency Medicine Department. My other experience of shadowing a doctor was when I encountered Dr. Julie Stark during my summer vacation at Los Angeles, C.A. Another highlight during the studies is my participation in research work at Walker Research Group in physical chemistry for 1.5 years. My research was on Isomer Partitioning across Water/Alkane Interfaces, which I value the most. I graduated from the University of Maryland on December 2010 and immediately was given a job at the United States Department of Treasury in the IT department. I was forced to take this job due to my financial situation; however, my goal was still to join a medical school. Later, in the fall of 2011, I decided to get admission to Caribbean Medical School, as my transcripts were not apt for a state school. Finally, I completed two semesters at IAU College of medicine where I also had the opportunity to have better experience of the third world conditions. While I was there, I had a chance to launch new programs like â€Å"Clothing Drive†, when children left the island for home. After I passed NBME exams i n anatomy and histology, I planned to move on to an American medical school for better qualifications. Even while working on my studies, I never left the community service and gave my partial attention to it. I can understand my urge to become a doctor, as the community in which I lived scarcely had access to medical treatment. As a doctor, I want to serve the people. Once I become doctor, I can live a life of comfort and luxury,

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